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Techeducation works every day for the purpose of empowering human resources in workplaces in developing countries. The purpose is managing the talents and training human capital in the countries using the best practices and technologies in businesses in
Switzerland. We believe that we can speed up the process of businesses and economic growth in other countries using Swiss experience. We use a diverse community of experts, lecturers, managers, and consultants to achieve our goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the top academic center in which we can bridge the academic gap between Switzerland and developing countries in 2025.

Our Mission

Our mission is helping developing countries empower their human capital through high-quality training and consultancies.

Our Values

• Quality assurance in providing training services • Customer care in every touch points we have • Cutting-edge services in training and education • Practicality in products and services
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Our Services:
• Educational Programs
• Vocational Education Programs
• Consultancy
Our Partner Universities and Schools

Our Team

Techeducation is proud to have smart and driven team who pay undivided attention to our customers and partners. Since our services are based on cutting-edge technology and knowledge, we try to use the best practices and findings in our service provision. We work hard to meet our customers’ needs and build loyalty across every touch points.
Message from the President
Welcome to Techeducation, a distinctive vocational education center in Lausanne, empowering students and human resources for their career paths. There is no shadow of doubt that one of the key elements of success in our life is arming ourselves with knowledge.
In fact, knowledge can help us speed up the process of individual development in our academic, professional, and personal life. As a platform for empowering human resources working in different industries We established Techeducation, and we are so willing to help workforces develop their knowledge and skills for a better implementation of their tasks in their professional life.
Techeducation benefits not only from its connections to Lausanne, Geneva, and Zurich, but also it uses European countries to better meet its customers’ needs. To drive our students to be more practical, we focus on delivering applied sciences and vocational skills we need to develop for them. We welcome you to participate in the programs we develop and hold with prestigious universities in Europe.